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Blyton's Story

I have wanted a dog for a long time and waited to really think hard about how a dog would fit into our life and how we would fit into a dog’s life.  We had chosen a breed and done all of the research and were due to make plans to buy a cockapoo in 2016.  That all changed on new year’s eve 2015, when I saw the prettiest puppy’s face looking out at me from Zante Stray’s Facebook page (see below).   We go on holiday to Zante every year and therefore follow the charity on Facebook.

Blyton was found (by her Zante Stray’s carer) running around on the side of a mountain with only her two puppy brothers for company.  They surely would have died from the cold or the cars, if they had not been rescued by the charity.

I showed the picture to my partner and we agreed to contact the charity.  We had a very fast response and within a matter of weeks we had had our home visit with a local person.  The visit went well and a day later we were really thrilled to hear that we would be able to offer a home to the dog we re-named as Blyton, after my favourite author.

The wait was hard – 2 months until the puppies were ready to come over.  However, Blyton’s foster carer Jacky was absolutely brilliant at sending extremely regular short videos, many photos and answered all of our queries with patience and kindness.   It made us feel connected to our soon to be new family member.

We were given a date, venue and time to collect Blyton that was within 90 minutes of our home address about 3 weeks before collection.  Much excitement ensured and lots of doggy bits and bobs were bought.  We were due to collect her very early on a Monday morning, so were particularly excited when Peter (who transports the dogs) rang us on Sunday afternoon and said that if we wanted to do so, we could collect her that evening.  We met Peter and he told us how they dogs had all got on during their 3 day travels.  Blyton was put into my partner’s arms, and with a wagging tail we returned home – she slept all the way back.

She has now been home 3 weeks and in fact is sleeping on my lap as I type!  We have already had some adventures and she has got the hang of toileting, walking on the lead and walking on much busier roads than Zante, pretty quickly.  She, of course, has her mad half hours so we have plenty of toys available.  She is learning to get along with our two cats and that is a work in progress.  She is a little shy around other dogs (as she had to separate from her two more protective brothers when she came to us), but puppy classes are helping and she is starting to become more happy to sniff other dog’s bottoms!  She is learning to bark when people come to the front door, so is making a good guard dog – although she actually loves meeting people!

After all those years of waiting to have a dog, we have fallen in love and are extremely grateful to Zante Strays for helping us to re-home such a beauty – one person’s dumped trash has truly become our treasure.

Laura Dunstan - UK


Zante strays

Zante Strays is the name given to a group of active people working together with a passion for animals on the island of Zakynthos, Greece. We are all volunteers using our own resources with absolutely no funding from any government sources. We are a registered Non Profit Organisation in Greece and also a registered UK Charity with the Charity Commission of England and Wales.

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