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Megan and Holly

Megan and Holly

Megan & Holly's Story

The first time I saw Megan was when I saw her posted on the Zante Strays Facebook page. She was the most adorable girl who had been abandoned with her 5 puppies by the side of the road near to the airport in Zante.   By the time somebody had told the vet about her and he had telephoned Jamie who had gone straight to her, two of her puppies had drowned in an open sewer next to where they had been left.  Megan was desperately trying to protect her other puppies from the road, the sewer and elements as it was March time.  Needless to say Jamie picked her straight up and took her and her puppies into foster care, something we will be eternally grateful for.  We fell in love with her and decided to adopt her.  The first time we met her it was instant love, she was very wary as she had been an owned dog, probably chained up in somebody's garden as she still had a chain around her neck when found, even though she only weighed around 5 kilo, but she licked us gently and hopped into my arms where she has been ever since. She is the most gentle dog ever and is a pleasure to own.  She loved to play with other dogs on the beach and with our 3 year old grandson and so when we heard about another small dog called Pooky who had also been abandoned we decided that Megan should have  new sister.  

Pooky had been found running hysterically on a main road with a cherry eye.  This a condition which is treatable but is painful and annoying to dogs.  Luckily for her she followed a lady home and was put onto the zs programme.  Huge thanks to Marinos for operating on her eye and doing such a marvelous job with it, we have not had any further problems with it whatsoever.  Holly joined us 6 months after Megan.  From day one the girls have been the very best of friends.  They are inseperable, they play together, eat together, sleep together(with us) and are the best dogs anybody could ever wish for.   They now live a life of luxury running and playing on the beach every day and coming away with us in the caravan at weekends.  I would urge anybody to adopt a greekie.  They really do make fantastic pets and despite their backgrounds they have so much love to give.  We cannot thank the foster carers, volunteers, vet and everybody behind the scenes enough as without them we would not have had the chance to share our lives with the most amazing 4 legged babies babies you could ever meet. I would also like to point out that Megan's remaining puppies now also have the most amazing homes  and we had the privilege of taking Megan to meet them for a reunion last year.  Life could have been so different for them all but thanks to Zante Strays they were given a chance in life, something every dog deserves!

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Zante strays

Zante Strays is the name given to a group of active people working together with a passion for animals on the island of Zakynthos, Greece. We are all volunteers using our own resources with absolutely no funding from any government sources. We are a registered Non Profit Organisation in Greece and also a registered UK Charity with the Charity Commission of England and Wales.

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