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Thor's Story

We got our Zante Strays dog because of the name. When we knew that we had to let our 15 year old dog go soon as she had cancer it was very hard. I would have never thought that we will get another dog that soon after she left us, but it was meant to be. We met some friends one night, they asked what new dog we want, where should it come from, what character it should have. My husband just said: my next dogs name is Thor, like the God of Thunder. We all laughed and had a nice evening. Back home I looked online for dogs and I found an advert saying: Thor is looking for a home.The advert was online since 10 minutes...I couldn't believe it. Without telling my husband I phoned Claudia, and what can I was all meant to be like that.

Thor, a small dog from Greece caught my heart with only seeing 4 pictures of him. He was all we wanted, so we had a home check and had to wait about 5 weeks for him to come. That gave us time to buy many things for him. On the 13th of February we finally met. I will never forget this moment when his big brown eyes looked at me and I knew we had done everything correct. Since this evening there is pure life in our family again. Our daughters are in love, Thor is very thankful, soft and loving. Very playful with the girls, loves to cuddle up with me and get his crazy 5 minutes with my husband.

Thank you ZS team for the fantastic work and go on finding homes for those wonderful dogs. And maybe...who knows...Thor will get a pal one day. Naturally from Zante Strays.

Daniela Jess - Germany

Zante strays

Zante Strays is the name given to a group of active people working together with a passion for animals on the island of Zakynthos, Greece. We are all volunteers using our own resources with absolutely no funding from any government sources. We are a registered Non Profit Organisation in Greece and also a registered UK Charity with the Charity Commission of England and Wales.

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