Coming to holiday on Zakynthos

We are always in need of items for the strays and many people over the years have brought things for us when they come on holiday. We do have designated drop off points around the island for donations of worming tablets and flea treatment plus any other small items you would like to bring to help the strays.

The things we use most are worm pills and a flea treatment. In the summer fleas are a major problem and they are even immune to Frontline now. So any flea treatment is useful including collars and helps even if it does not kill them entirely. Any with good reviews will help the strays.

Worm pills with the ingredients Praziquantel in as this is the only drug which is effective to all parasites.

Drontal is the more well-known one but other places do their own brands of Drontal which can be cheaper.

Hyperdrug sells its own brand Easimax. Their alternative copy of Drontal. sell Endogard Dog Wormer which is their cheaper alternative to Drontal

We are always in need of Panacur as this is the only worm treatment we can give pups under 12 weeks. It comes in liquid form or paste – 5g paste tube ranges from €4.54-5 and this can do quite a few pups.

We are grateful for anything you may wish to bring for the animals. Puppy toys are always welcome. Rope Slip leads are also always needed. Thank you

Our drop off Locations for donations are below and we would like to personally thank the following establishments for their kindness. Please support this local business’s where you can. Thank you xx

  • Laganas:
  • Zante Villas
  • Dream Villa
  • Divine Villa
    Ikaros Hotel
  • Kalamaki:
    Rainbow Hotel
  • Argassi:
    Windmill Bay
  • Tsilivi:
    Medusa Boutique
    Romios Restaurant
  • Alykes:
    Yria Bar
  • Alykanas:
  • Vasilikos
    Ionio Restuarant